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Welp, I know who Im cosplaying as for this years Comic con~

You totally should have ended this with the inception BWOOOOONG sfx man lol~

I honestly think I witnessed the animated form of an lsd tripp. Sweeeeeet~

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Aside from obvious issues like not being able to really outrun him and the stamina bar dropping like a lead weight after what seems like 10 feet in scale distance, the transition effects could use some tweaking. half the time I was jumping because of a random tree appearing instead of Slenderman appearing. You could also maybe make the stamina bar heal but only after 5 seconds of standing still. it'd prolong the game alot and you could then que it so that slenderman would appear after a set amount of time standing still. There is a lot of room for improvement but overall you have a solid game. kudos.

Brunodev responds:

Thanks Wolfboy!

Truly a fantastic game.

I must admit, your direction, storyline, graphic and creative skill are all superb, but i found myself trapped in a few parts, and lost in others. After i killed the (Demi God?) and fell that great way down, i ended up glitching through the floor and couldn't more on. I don't know if its a common glitch or if its just cause of my luck, but w/e. I wished i could have gone on but from what i played and how far i got i like it all.

Still, I must say this left me feeling both impressed, and rightfully creeped out. Great job!

Very Well Done

I was very impressed with the game layout, the simple controls, well laid out menu and the addition of objectives as opposed to just surviving til you die. It took me a solid 40mins to get through it, and i made it to round 31 before i got the dude out of there.

The weapon choices were pretty solid, though i honestly felt that the striker did more damage and was more useful then the spitfire, as it had power and range as opposed to being up close and personal to get a good burn. Other then that, fantastic game.

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I'll admit its an interesting comission but DAMN you did a great job on it. Great color job and the details really pull it together, be it the tears in the skin to the stitching holding her together. im also impressed you GAVE HER HIPS. You have no idea how many other artists draw girls and they seem to forget the hips. all in all you did great with everything, and hey, what can i say, I love me a sexy monster girl~

Wow thats...

...I wonder if i can order it in doll form...
The creep out factors great, and the layout and pose just scream "hello there..." in that creepy "OH FUCK WHAT IS THAT AHHHH!!!!" kind of way. great job!

Despite the mind numbing pain...

...I'd still hit it.
overall great job mang, love what you did with the speckling, and the designs pretty badass. Looking forward to more.

A Fledgling artist/animator at best, though none of my work is finished or even close to post worthy. I have no idea what I'll be doing here, but hell at least I'll be doing something with my time...I suppose....

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